SpotOn is a utility that can play out WAV or MP3 format audio files from either touchscreen, keyboard or mouse.

A sample main screen is shown below with a setting of 25 buttons/page over 8 pages giving a total 200 buttons.

Some of the main features of SpotOn:-
bulletSimple play out from mouse click or keyboard hot keys
bulletAudio output can be directed to any of the installed sound cards
bulletCustomisable screen layout ranging from 1 to 80 buttons per page
bulletButton text and colour full editable
bulletAudio gain, pan and speed adjustable
bulletMidi note input and output triggers available
bulletAudio start and end points can be edited
bulletButtons can be be set to loop audio track
bulletJuke box style of playout with spacebar playing next track
bulletFade In and Out options available
bulletAny number of tracks can be played simultaneously

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Download copy of help file (HTML) or SpotOnHlp.pdf (PDF)




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Last modified: June 29, 2013